* Yokohama-suijo Police Station does not handle procedures related to driver’s licenses.

Classification operations at the Driver's License Center and Police Stations (PDF 60KB)

* X(Twitter) (Driver’s License Center)


Renewing your Driver's License

  Korean (PDF 145KB)

  Chinese (PDF 139KB)

  Portuguese (PDF 111KB)

  Vietnamese (PDF 186KB)

Renewing your Driver's License (Applicants who do not have their Renewal Notice) (PDF 33KB)

Replacing your Japanese Driver's License (PDF 48KB)

Changing Information on Your Driver's License

International Driving Permit

The necessary procedure for those with expired driver’s license

The necessary procedure for a learner’s license (when your driver’s license has been expired for 6 months or more but not exceeding one year)

Moped (50cc motorcycle) Lecture Course

Revocation and Suspension of Driver's License Under the Demerit Point System (PDF 135KB)

Suspended License Offender's Lecture (30 days) (PDF 107KB)

Suspended License Offender's Lecture (60-180 days)

Revoked License Offender's Lecture

Exchanging your Foreign Driver's License (PDF 152KB)

  korean (PDF 229KB)

  Chinese (PDF 202KB)

  Spanish (PDF 173KB)

  Portuguese (PDF 106KB)

  Thai (PDF 2,131KB)

  Vietnamese (PDF 178KB)

  Persian (PDF 226KB)

  Russian (PDF 97KB)

Book your written test online

Online Booking for the written test for moped or special small motor vehicle

Taking the Test for a Moped or Light-duty Special Vehicles (PDF 47KB)

Taking the written and driving test for ordinary passenger vehicles at the Driver's License Testing and Issuing Center (PDF 72KB)

About Written Tests in Foreign Languages

Book your practical driving test online

  korean (PDF 797KB)

  Chinese (PDF 588KB)

  Spanish (PDF 509KB)

  Portuguese (PDF 1,702KB)

  Thai (PDF 529KB)

  Vietnamese (PDF 722KB)

  Persian (PDF 501KB)

  Russian (PDF 578KB)

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