The image character nemed pi-gall Hiratsuka police station
Zip Code:254-0073 Japan
The image character nemed pi-gall 
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Reporting the lost and find items  
In case you lost your belongings 
  You should report it to nearby police as soon as possible. 
  To find the items earlier. we recommend you to report it to the polise that control the area you lost your belongings. 
In case you find the lost items 
  If you find lost items in public space. you should bring them to nearby police as soon as possible
  If you find lost items in rail station, department store, theatre, etc, you should bring them@to the manager of the place. 
The prcedures when you receive the lost items. 
  Place: Count Section, Hiratsuka police 
  ‚sime: From 08:30 through 17:15 
  –@Count Section is closed on Saturday, Sunday, national holiday and in 29th,Dec to 3rd, Jan 
  –@ID and seal are required for the procedures If you ask someeone to receive the item (S), proxy of you is also required. 
  –@Please contact us if you have any question on the procedures. 
  iPOC: 0463-31-0110) 
  –@We keep the items for three months.
In case you renew your drivers license. 
  The way you renew your drivers license is as follows. 
  Anyone who lives in Hiratsuka city can renew your drivers license at Hiratsuka police. 
  You can also renew it at Drivers license in Asahi ward, Yokohama city. 
  If you make a change the items mentioned on your drivers license, you should contact the police that control residential area or Drivers License Center. 
In case you accidentally forget to renew your drivers license. 
  You should contact with the officers at Drivers License Center, Kanagawa prefectural police.
Crime stats Hiratsuka city 
  Total  murder, robbery,
rape, arson 
injury, extortion 
theft  white color
Dec: 2017 1,917 ‚U 68 1,535 80 228
year to year |332 |‚R |39 |307 {12 |‚T
Traffic accident stats in Hiratsuka city
Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. total
2017 the number 78 75 89 71 78 80 84 75 80 71 64 77 922
deceased ‚O ‚O ‚O ‚O ‚O ‚P ‚Q ‚O ‚P ‚O ‚O ‚O ‚S
injured 101 95 102 84 95 93 101 93 101 87 75 85 1,112
2016 the number 81 91 85 97 106 82 89 89 66 71 91 112 1,060
deceased ‚P ‚O ‚Q ‚O ‚P ‚O ‚P ‚P ‚O ‚O ‚O ‚R ‚X
injured 101 107 107 116 125 96 105 100 81 81 107 136 1,262
year to
the number -‚R |16 +‚S |26 |28 |‚Q |‚T |14 {14 }‚O |27 |35 -138
deceased -‚P }‚O -‚Q }‚O -‚P {‚P {‚P -‚P {‚P }‚O }‚O -‚R -‚T
injured }‚O -12 -‚T -32 -30 -‚R -‚S -‚V {20 {‚U |32 |51 -150