Dial 110 to Notify The Police and Let Us Help You out
when You met with an Accident or Incident

Dial 110 to Notify The Police and Let Us Help You out when You met with an Accident or Incident

* January 10 is "Dial 110 Day"

Dial 110 emergency call is widely known among Japanese as a hotline to contact the police in the event of an emergency such as crime or accident. But if this hotline is busy due to prank calls, wrong numbers, seeking for advice that can wait or so, it may cause a delay in responding to a crime and accident.
The Police annually designate January 10 as "Dial 110 Day" and urge the citizens to positively and properly use this number.

* Once a Dial 110 is made

All Dial 110 calls made within Kanagawa Prefecture are automatically connected to the Communication Command Center, Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters in Naka-ward, Yokohama-city.
Upon receipt of a Dial 110 calls, the call taker's computer immediately finds and indicates where the spot is on the map.
By utilizing the map and the patrol car locator system with GPS(Global Positioning System) technology, the Communication Command Center finds the nearest patrol cars and officers at a police station/box to be dispatched to the scene.

* When you dial 110

You are totally at a loss when you met with a crime or accident. Keep calm and take your time, then dial 110 to notify the police.
Upon receipt of a 110 emergency call, the call taker will ask you the following:

* What has happened? - traffic accident, bag snatcher, robbery, fighting, etc.
* When? - right now, 5 minutes ago, etc.
* Where? - street name, house number, landmarks nearby, etc.
* Describe the suspect(s) - one(1) suspect or more, his/her face, build, clothes, distinctive features, any weapons involved, etc.
* Which direction did the suspect(s) go, and by what? - toward station, toward school, etc., on foot, by bicycle, by moped/motorcycle, by car, etc.

The call taker may ask you for further details depending upon the case/incident they are responding to. In the mean time, police officers and patrol cars are on their way to the scene.

* We need your cooperation

If you fell victim to a crime or witnessed an incident/accident, try to catch the features of the suspect(s), and dial 110.

* Age - in his/her 20's, 30's, etc.
* Height - tall, short, approx.XXXcm., etc.
* Build - stout, heavy, skinny, plump, fat, etc.
* Hair style - close-cropped, crew cut, parted on the right/left, wavy, curly, dyed, etc.
* Shape of face - square, round, long-faced, etc.
* Glasses - He/she did not wear glasses/wore glasses (sun glasses, gold/silver-framed )
* Facial hair - He had no beard/had moustache, stubble, etc.
* Clothes - suits, pull-over jacket, jeans, etc.
* Shoes - sneakers, leather shoes, canvas shoes, long boots, sandals, etc.
* Weapons - handgun, hunting gun, kitchen knife, camping knife, etc.

Dial 110 to Notify The Police and Let Us Help You out when You met with an Accident or Incident

* Dial 110 in the event of accident/incident

110 emergency call is a hotline to contact the police right away. However, the lines are limited. So if you have requests or opinions, want to seek police advice etc, or feel free to contact your nearby police station, koban, residential police box.

* 110 emergency calls through mobile phones

As the number of cellular phone/PHS subscribers are increasing, the more 110 emergency calls from such phones are received by the police.
However, mobile phone connections are not always reliable. If you are in a moving vehicle or walking when calling 110, stop and stay where the connection is good, or use public telephone. If you are on the boundary between two prefectures, the call may not be connected to the police concerned and it may cause a delay in responding to the scene.
The shorter the response time, the higher the possibility of arresting a suspect near the scene of crime. Also, give a good reference point, such as an address and/or the name of the building.

* Other way to contact police

The Kanagawa Prefectural Police also accept emergency calls through facsimile.
For those who are unable to contact the police by phone, write what had happened, and send to our toll free 0120-110221.

Dial 110 for accidents or crimes

For more information: The Communication Command Center
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters
045(211)1212 ext.3621