Thank You for Your Cooperation into Our "Routine Call"

Thank You for Your Cooperation into Our Routine Call

The police officers assigned to your nearby KOBAN / RESIDENTIAL POLICE BOX provide 24-hour service by patrolling the areas or conduct other activities. "Routine Call" is one of the police activities that police officers make a call at houses and offices in their section with the aim of providing a safe and secure community.

Feel free to let us know your concern, opinions.

During our "Routine Call", we will inform the citizen about/give advice on how to prevent crimes and accidents. The activity is also aiming to bring and reflect local residents' concerns, troubles and opinions into police activities in establishing a safe society.

Contact us if you :

  • see a stranger approaching children
  • request us to patrol the vicinity as undesirable people are coming into your neighborhood
  • need to talk as you were indecently assaulted
  • are suffering from inappropriately loud noise/nuisance activities that motorcycle gangs make
  • request for counseling on your children as you discovered early signs of delinquency
  • want to inform us of a person who is abusing stimulants, paint thinner or other drugs
  • need our advice as you were threatened, blackmailed or harassed by gangsters

Our best effort will be taken to solve your requests or concerns. Police officers who visit your home/office on their routine call are responsible for your neighborhood safety. Be familiar with them. You can always approach them/KOBAN and raise any concerns about problems in your neighborhood.

Your cooperation in filling Resident Information Card is appreciated.

During our Routine Call, we request you/office to fill in Resident Information Card.

This card is used when:

  • people who are visiting your home need direction
  • lost children/elderly people are found
  • something undesirable happens to you, we contact your relatives/acquaintances mentioned in the card

The card is only for police use and they will be strictly kept with care in order to protect your privacy.

For inquiries, please contact Community Police General Affairs Division,
Kanagawa prefectural police hqs, Tel# 045-211-1212 ext 3522
or nearby local police stations.