For a Safe Society without Handguns

For a Safe Society without Handguns

As we see a recent rash of crimes committed by using handguns in Japan, information you provide us on handguns will be of great help for our law enforcement activity and for yourself not to become a victim of the crimes.
Unlike some other countries, possessing handguns is basically against the law in Japan, resulting in a severe punishment.

Based on the 1993 amendment to the Law to Control the Possession of Firearms & Swords, you will be subject to:

  •  a mitigated punishment or an immunity if you turn in your handguns or bullets to the police.
  •  a severe punishment if you are found possessing concealed handguns or bullets without turning them in.

In the past, some people unknowingly brought their own handguns into Japan from their home countries which were casually put inside their luggage or mixed with their household stuff when shipped to Japan. But if you turn in such handguns to the police, you will be to surrender yourself to justice and be subject to a mitigated punishment or an immunity.

"Handguns involved ?" or "Smuggling ?"

In case:

  • you saw someone possessing a handgun
  • someone told you that he had a handgun
  • your neighbors say there is a mania in your neighborhood for collecting handguns
  • you heard what sounded like a gunshot
  • you saw gangster-like individuals walking into and out of a vacant house, maybe a cache for weapones
  • Most of the handguns were smuggled from overseas
  • there are more shipments than expected from overseas, very unusual
  • there is an unfamiliar boat in port, maybe ready for unloading handguns
  • there are gangster-like individuals prowling a port who were seldom seen before, probably waiting for handguns to be unloaded from a ship

please contact nearby local police stations
Handgun Hot Line number

Even small information is appreciated.