Drug Abuse Prevention
"No, Absolutely No !" to Drugs.

Drug Abuse Prevention

Psychophysical effects caused by stimulants such as amphetamine and methamphetamine:

Stimulants relieve fatigue, reduce the need for sleep, and bring about a clearheaded feeling along with a psychological and physical exhilaration. These effects result in increased efficiency in simple works but decreased efficiency in works that need good judgments and concentration. The clearheaded feeling is almost a delusion.
The effects can last for several hours. As the effects begin to wear off, the users experience fatigue and depression. Escaping from these uncomfortable feelings and trying to feel high again often lead to heavy and continual use that results in severe insomnia, loss of appetite, delusions, and hallucinations. Moreover, the users can become violent, causing harm to those nearby at times in a fit of mental confusion.

Anti-Drug Abuse Measures:

Using drugs only one time can bring about death. The aftereffects can develop a few years after you quit drugs. Stop using drugs !
The police hqs and local police stations are currently launching anti-drug campaigns and lectures on drug abuse prevention.

For inquiries, please contact Drug Enforcement Division,
Kanagawa prefectural police hqs, Tel# 045-211-1212
or nearby local police stations.

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