In regards to our recommendation to pregnant women to wear a seat belt



In regards to our recommendation to pregnant women to wear a seat belt

Seatbelts Protect the Mother and the Unborn Child

  Properly fastening your seatbelt can protect the mother and the unborn child from injury in the case of an accident.
The Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology also recommends that pregnant women should use a seatbelt.

Did you know?

  If an unbuckled backseat passenger of 50 kilograms is flung forward at 40 kilometers per hour, the collision force is increased more than 30-fold, meaning 1.5 tons of force. The mother of a healthy growing fetus will grow with her child, further increasing the damage that could occur and possibly causing deleterious effects on the life of her child.

The proper way to wear a seatbelt

Protect the life of your unborn child by wearing a seatbelt properly!

  • Sit firmly on the seat without leaning the seat.
  • Fasten the hip and shoulder belt together.*1
  • The hip-belt and shoulder-belt should not cross on the abdomen.
    - The hip belt should avoid any part of the enlarged belly of the pregnant mother and should be positioned as far down on the abdomen as possible when fastened.
    - The shoulder-belt should pass over the shoulder and breast, reaching the side without touching the enlarged belly of the mother. *2
  • Make sure the seatbelt is firmly fastened so that it cannot be accidentally unbuckled.
  • Make sure the seatbelt is not twisted or folded in any way.

*1 Only fastening the hip belt is dangerous; in the case of an accident, the upper body may be jolted, applying significant pressure to the belly.

*2 Make sure the shoulder belt is not applied around the neck, and that it shows no slackness.


Pregnancy's effects vary from person to person. Be sure to confirm with the appropriateness of these instructions with your doctor.

llustration: Notes of seat belt wearing


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