Organization of The Police in Kanagawa

Organization of Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters

Kanagawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters
General Affairs Department
General Affairs Division
Public Safety Commission Office
Public Information Access Office
Interrogation Supervising Office
Public Relations and Citizen Services Division
Police Band
Finance Division
Audit Office
Facilities Division
HQ Building Management Office
Equipment Division
Information Management Division
Information Technology Promotion Office
Detention Administration Division
Administration Department
Administration Division
Planning Office
Recruitment Center
Crime Victim Support Office
Education and Training Division
Interpretation Center
Welfare Division
Health Care Center
Inspection Office
Community Safety Department
Community Safety General Affairs Division
Crime Prevention Office
Community Safety Special Investigation Unit
Emergency Intervention Response Division
Juvenile Support Division
Juvenile Investigation Division
Community and Economic Affairs Division
Community Vice Division
Cyber Crime Investigation Division
Community Police Affairs Department
Community Police General Affairs Division
Aviation Unit
Community Police Supervision Division
Communications Command Division
Mobile Patrol Unit
Railway Police Unit
Criminal Investigation Department
Criminal Investigation General Affairs Division
Special Criminal Investigation Unit
Investigation Support Office
First Criminal Investigation Division
Coroner's Office
Second Criminal Investigation Division
Complaint Center
Special Fraud Task Force
Third Criminal Investigation Division
Identification Division
Mobile Investigation Unit
Scientific Crime Laboratory
Organized Crime Control Headquarters
Organized Crime Analysis Division
Boryokudan Control Division
Boryokudan Expulsion Support Office
Drugs and Firearms Enforcement Division
International Criminal Investigation Division
Traffic Department
Traffic General Affairs Division
Traffic Regulation Division
Urban Traffic Control Office
Traffic Control Division
Traffic Supervision Division
Traffic Investigation Division
Motorcycle Gang Control Office
Parking Control Division
First Mobile Traffic Unit
Second Mobile Traffic Unit
Expressway Traffic Police Unit
Driver's License Headquarters
Driver's License Division
Driver's Education Division
Security Department
First Public Safety Division
Second Public Safety Division
Third Public Safety Division
First Foreign Affairs Division
Second Foreign Affairs Division
Security Division
Crisis Management Division
First Mobile Police Unit
Second Mobile Police Unit
Yokohama City Police Administration Department
District 1
District 2
Kawasaki City Police Administration Department
District 3
Sagamihara City Police Administration Department
District 4
Sagami District Headquarters
District 5
District 6
Cyber Security Control Task Force
Kanagawa Prefectural Police School