As a Symbol of Safe and Secure Environment of Your Community


1. Japan is considered as one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the world.
The community-based security system so-called KOBAN and RESIDENTIAL POLICE BOX play an important role as the center of action and are the backbones of police activities in order to maintain public peace.

2. KOBAN are located in urban areas where crimes and accidents are relatively frequent.
RESIDENTIAL POLICE BOXES are located mainly in towns and villages.

  • KOBAN - staffed by 3 shifts, each with police officers from police station
  • RESIDENTIAL POLICE BOX - generally manned by one resident officer with his family. Each KOBAN and RESIDENTIAL POLICE BOX has its areas of operations and is primarily responsible for the security of a section it covers.

3. The KOBAN and RESIDENTIAL POLICE BOX system originates in Japan.
The system is drawing worldwide attention as a major factor behind Japan's good safety.

4. To begin with, the system was adopted by Singapore in 1984, and has spread out to some cities in America nowadays to promote public peace.

5. The Kanagawa Prefectural Police has been forwarding a plan of building various exterior styles of KOBAN / RESIDENTIAL POLICE BOX that goes well with the scenery/image of the community in which they are located´╝îsuch as lighthouse-style, cruiser-style, mountain-style etc..

6. If the police officers at KOBAN are not available, you can always contact us just by picking up the receiver. (No dialing necessary.)
If the line is busy,

  • Dial 110 in case of a crime or accident
  • Dial 291 on other matters

7. You can identify a KOBAN / RESIDENTIAL POLICE BOX easily by its red lamp.

8. Please feel free to contact us not only for asking directions or reporting an incident/accident but also on any matters of concern to you.

For inquiries, please contact Community Police General Affairs Division,
Kanagawa prefectural police hqs, Tel# 045-211-1212 ext 3522
or nearby local police stations.