Driving on Expressways

Special caution for driving on the expressway

1) When entering the main through lane, you must accelerate fully in the acceleration lane, if one is available, before joining the main traffic.

2) When entering the main through lane, you mustn't interfere with the traffic in the main lane. When your main through lane is merging with another, you must give way if the other lane has right of way as shown here.

Driving on the expressway

1) Use the white line on the left side of your lane as your guide and stay a little left of the center of the lane that you're traveling on.

2) Don't drive along the side strip or shoulder of national expressway.

3) Trucks with heavy loads or other vehicles that travel slowly should use a climbing lane for trucks and slow moving traffic, if available, on an upward slope.

Parking and stopping

1) Parking or stopping is prohibited on expressway except under the following circumstances.
* A temporary stop to dodge another vehicle, bad weather conditions, or othersources of danger.
* Parking or stopping on the shoulder or side strip for unavoidable circumstances such as a breakdown, provided the shoulder or side strip is wide enough not to pose any danger to other traffic.
* Parking or stopping at a parking area or stopping to pay the toll fee.

2) Should you have to stop your vehicle due to a breakdown or after having run out of gas, you must warn the drivers of approaching vehicles that your vehicle is disabled. Place an emergency reflector board or emergency light behind your vehicle. At night you must turn on your flashing emergency lights, parking lights, or tail lights. When setting up the warning reflector board, be careful of the cars approaching from behind-give warning using a smoke flare.

3) You're putting yourself at risk by staying inside or near your vehicle while waiting for road service. After you've taken the necessary warning measures, evacuate to a safe area.

4) When your cargo has fallen and scattered on the expressway, use the emergency phone to request the removal of the articles on the road. Don't attempt the task on your own - it's dangerous.