Watching out for Pedestrians

Passing near a pedestrian

When passing a pedestrian or a bicycle, keep a safe distance between them and your vehicle, or otherwise slow down.

When pedestrians are crossing

You mustn't interfere with the passage of pedestrians crossing the road at an intersection without a pedestrian crossing, or near such an intersection.

Watching out for children, the physically challenged, and senior citizens

Stop or slow down when passing an unattended child, a physically challenged person traveling in a wheelchair, a person holding a white or yellow cane, or someone who's walking with the aid of a seeing eye dog to let them pass safely. The same can be applied to senior citizens walking with a cane or walking cart, or with difficulty.

Driving on pedestrian paths

You may drive across a sidewalk or side strip when entering or exiting from a place which faces the road. In doing so, you must first stop to check for safety, and pass so as not to interfere with the movement of pedestrians.