Basic Driving Rules

Staying on the left

A vehicle must drive on the left of the road (the vehicle must stay to the left of the center line wherever available).

Keeping to the left

1) You should drive along the left side of the road if the road has no lanedesignations, except when your vehicle is overtaking other vehicles, or underother unavoidable circumstances.

2) Where there are two traffic lanes heading in the same direction, traffic must move along the left lane. If the road has three lanes or more, traffic may use all the lanes except the lane on the far right, which should be left open for overtaking and passing. The slowest traffic should travel a long the outer most left-hand lane, with faster traffic in the second from left, and so on.

Don't change lanes constantly Keeping to the left

Don't straddle another lane or drive over two lanes in roads with designated traffic lanes, except when overtaking another vehicle or under unavoidable circumstances.

Giving the right of way to emergency vehicles

Once aware of an approaching emergency vehicle, pull over to the left side of the road and be prepared to give way to the vehicle. If you're near an intersection, don't enter it but instead pull over and stop on the left side ofthe road to give way. When you're on a one-way street, you may pull over to the right side of the road if you think it makes the passage of the emergencyvehicle easier.

Giving the right of way to buses

When a bus is about to pull out from a bus stop with its direction indicator flashing, vehicles approaching from behind mustn't block or interfere withits passage.