Preparetion for an Earthquake
- Saving your own life. Saving your own neighborhood -

Japan has a history of having a number of major earthquakes which have caused major damage in the past.
Also, here in Kanagawa prefecture it is said that we can experience a major earthquake at any time.

Illustration: Earthquake

We could not stop an earthquake from happening, however, we could prevent a major disaster or minimize its damage by having good cooperation and daily preparation.

Illustration: Rescue

Our Prefecture Police have a Rescue Unit whose primary duty is "To Save Your Lives". This unit allows us to protect you and your family from earthquakes and/or other natural disasters. This unit's area of performance is not limited to Kanagawa Prefecture. Interprefectual Emergency Rescue Units will be formed and dispatched immediately, as required.

Habitual Preparations ? Communications at home
Confirmation of evacuation route and emergency shelter
Cooperation with your neighbors
Accident prevention at home

Preparation of an emergency backpack


When You Feel
The Quake
Stay calm, don't panic
If you're inside your house
If you're outside
If a tidal wave occurs
If you're operating an automobile
When you're evacuating, evacuate in a group
Do not make unnecessary phone calls

Tables explaining the Japan Meteorological Agency Seismic Intensity Scale