Information for Driver's License

Classification of continued and suspended operations at the Driver's License Center and Police Stations (PDF 58KB)

* Twitter (Driver’s License Center)


Renewing your Driver's License (PDF 112KB)

  Korean (PDF 212KB)

  Chinese (PDF 291KB)

  Portuguese (PDF 154KB)

  Vietnamese (PDF 256KB)

Renewing your Driver's License (Applicants who do not have their Renewal Notice) (PDF 31KB)

* Lecture Courses you will need to attend for Renewing your Driver's License (PDF 63KB)

Replacing your Japanese Driver's License (PDF 70KB)

Changing Information on Your Driver's License (PDF 53KB)

International Driving Permit (PDF 48KB)

Moped (50cc motorcycle) Lecture Course (PDF 75KB)

Revocation and Suspension of Driver's License Under the Demerit Point System (PDF 117KB)

Suspended License Offender's Lecture (30 days) (PDF 76KB)

Suspended License Offender's Lecture (60-180 days) (PDF 55KB)

Revoked License Offender's Lecture (PDF 85KB)

Exchanging your Foreign Driver's License (PDF 152KB)

  korean (PDF 229KB)

  Chinese (PDF 202KB)

  Spanish (PDF 173KB)

  Portuguese (PDF 106KB)

  Thai (PDF 309KB)

  Vietnamese (PDF 178KB)

  Persian (PDF 191KB)

  Russian (PDF 97KB)

Taking the Test for a Moped or Light-duty Special Vehicles (PDF 54KB)

Taking the written and driving test for ordinary passenger vehicles at the Driver's License Testing and Issuing Center (PDF 79KB)

Driver's License Division, Driver's License Headquarters, Traffic Department,
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters
Tel. 045-365-3111 (Pilot Number)